3 Signs to look out for when you visit a Therapist

Therapists listen to us and help us get our lives back on track.

But what if your therapist is not qualified to treat you and your partner? That is why we explained three signs to look out for when you visit a Therapist.

Here are three signs you need to know when you visit a Therapist;

1) when they  Insult Your Partner

When you book an appointment with a therapist and talk about issues you have with your partner, you’re doing that because you love your partner and you want to make things work out.

If your therapist starts saying things like “your boyfriend is a maniac” or “your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you”.

No therapist should insult you or your partner, especially when you’re still with them and even when they’ve not heard their part of the story. that’s a red flag.

Please take note 

visit a Therapist

2) when they don’t Listen To You

The main point of visiting a therapist is to pour out your grievances, problems, and feeling so you can get solutions.

If your therapist if they act like they’re not interested in what you say or they act like they don’t care about how you feel, then you need to change your therapist fast.

visit a Therapist

3) when they make Sexual Advances at You

This is the biggest red flag.

If they dress inappropriately to meet with you or they touch you in a sexual manner you should pack your bags and leave. It’s clear they want to prey on your vulnerability.

A good therapist would never violate sexual boundaries due to their lifestyle.

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