3 Ways To Kill Boredom In A Relationship

1. Switch Platforms

It’s easy to get bored with chatting on WhatsApp. What you must do is break that routine. Surprise your girlfriend, send her a dm on IG. And if you would like to form it even additional fun, send her a message on IG and have her reply to you on Twitter. each of you’ll be like spies in an exceedingly Bond picture.


On days after you do not feel like chatting, send one another memes, send funny videos to his dm on IG, send her funny tweets on twitter, send her crazy videos on tiktok. It’s very little things like these that strengthen the bond.

2. Switch Hobbies

Another fascinating issue to try to do is to modify Hobbies. Play PS4 with him, watch Indian movies together with her, go hiking together with her, watch Korean movies together with her, play basketball with him.

You can even switch music playlists. parson your play list on his phone, let him hear it. He’ll do constant on your phone and so each of you may decide your favorite songs from every list and make a replacement play list that’d be only for each of you. whereas you are at it, be happy to form lightweight jokes regarding every other’s alternative of songs.

Don’t forget, it is the very little things.

3. Use Google

Enough of the boring “how was your day” queries, use Google. sort in “Interesting inquiries to raise my girlfriend” and you will see many fun inquiries to raise her.

Questions like “If these days we have a tendency tore the last time we saw one another, what would you would like me to know?” And “If you had a yes brilliant power what would it not be?” – square measure far better than “how was your day?”

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