5 Traits Of Chronic Cheaters, What They Have In Common

Chronic cheaters are the type that never stops cheating.

One can never know what exactly is going on in their minds when they indulge in such acts.

These are a few things that chronic cheaters have in common, That explains why they can’t stop the act.

List of a few facts about cheaters you should know 

  • They feel misunderstood 

cheaters always claim that their partners can never understand them and this results in them finding solutions somewhere else. 

The main reason behind this is because they don’t talk about the things they don’t like in a relationship.

  • They Make their partners the reason for their happiness 

Chronic cheaters don’t take responsibility of what makes them happy, They make it their partner’s Job to make things work out, and the moment things go wrong they don’t have any option other than to cheat.

  • They have low self esteem 

Cheaters are always afraid to be alone and they can’t deal with abandonment, as a result of having low self-esteem. They think having multiple partners won’t make them feel lonely.

  • They don’t feel loved 

Chronic cheaters do that repeatedly because they feel insecure and they are afraid that no one loves them. They’re never ready to take the responsibility of being truly connected to only one person.

  • Their happiness depends on another person 

Serial cheaters think they can only gain their happiness from another person. They focus on their partner’s shortcomings rather than making a real connection with their current partner, They assume a stranger will make them feel more excited and fulfilled.

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