5 Food To Try If You’re Tired Eating Rice

It is very easy to get tired of eating rice,it seems that’s all you have to eat every day.

Well, it doesn’t have to look like that.

Here is a list of new options you should try. Even if you want to make the meal by yourself.

Here are ways to spice up your diet.

1. Try simple food combinations 

Pancakes and hot dogs, Yam porridge, rice and vegetable, beans and plantain, beans and egg, yam and eggs, Boli and fish, egusi and yam rice,

Akara and pap, plantain porridge, beans and bread, moi moi and pap, beans and garri.

And many other food combinations. 

do not eat rice only everyday.

2. Soups and solids

You can also try solid meals like pounded yam, semo, fufu, amala, Eba.

All states in Nigeria has its own soups but the south-south and the south-east is the best of them all. You can try afang, Edikang ikong and banga?

If you don’t want that you can also try amala with assorted meat.

3. Baked Foods 

Learn to bake or buy baked foods like  doughnuts Croissants, pies, cakes and other confectionaries adds some fluff to your diet.

4. Different recipes

You can eat same meal in different ways.

Why not try stir-fry jollof rice or basmati rice or 

A different type of spaghetti.

When you cook home made food, try out different recipes.

5. Eat in restaurants 

Go to different restaurants.

Try means like Chinese food, Jamaican food, seafood.

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