5 Ways To Get Relief From Aching Muscles and Back Pain

Bad posture, lifting heavy objects, Muscle Strain  Causes Back Pain and shoulder pain.

Back pain can be extremely uncomfortable.

Here is a list of things you should try to get relief from aching muscles and back pain;

1. Stretching 

If you sit down or lay down for too long, you’re likely to get backache. Get up and stretch.

You can take a short walk or try yoga.

Before you start your daily exercise do not forget to stretch out your muscles for increased flexibility.

2. Exercise

Exercising your body helps loosen tense muscles and causes endorphins to be released. It relieves pain.

You can also try swimming to help straighten your aching muscles.

3. Wear comfortable shoes

If you wear shoes that are too high or too tight they can easily strain your back, neck, and legs.

Shoes with High heels can mess up with body alignment and this will cause you back pain.

4. Sit properly

If you are the type that slouches when sitting on a desk you are likely to get back pain.

Get a comfortable desk and chair to help improve your posture. Sit in a way that will make your computer screen be at your eye level.

5. Cold or heat compress

If you feel backache after a long day. 

This is how to get relief, 

A cold and hot water compress would help you feel better. 

You can also apply an icepack wrapped in a towel to massage your back.

Try hot cloth also helps to relieve stiff and tense muscles.

Use a good mattress.

If your mattress or snoring pillow is too soft, you’re likely to feel intense back pains.

When you have a very good mattress it will work magic for your back.

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