6 Weird Traditions In Africa You Probably Never Knew Existed

Certain tribes within the country, however, have what one will discuss as weird, strange, and even outrageous traditions. Weird, as a result of during this era, it simply feels altogether bad to practice such things but after all, but however normal and acceptable for inhabitants of these places wherever they’re practiced.

1. Magun

Nigerians, like other countries, have very little or no tolerance for extramarital sex.

Magun (Thunderbolt), a black art that is usually employed by the Yorubas, is placed in a married person without her being alert to it either by her husband or his family in order that if she commits extramarital sex, her lover might end up losing his life or obtaining stuck while in the act.

2. Widowhood

This is common amongst the Igbos. A widow is humiliated in order to prove she had no involvement in her husband’s death. all types of punishments are inflicted on her like creating her drink the water used in washing her husband’s dead body, shaving off her hair, and the likes.

Weird Traditions In Africa

3. Witch hunting

This is a apply among the Edos. once a person or girl is suspected to either be a witch or a wizard because of strange occurrences or deaths within the family or community. Such a person is taken to a necromancer to bear all types of torture to force the reality out of them and make them confess.

4. Sharo festival

This is ordinarily practiced among the Fulanis. it’s done to prove that a young man has return aged and prepared to require for himself a bride.

Sharo means whipping. The young man in question is unceasingly whipped by another, known as a contender, however, he should show no signs of pain as this is often to check his endurance level and his ability to carry on.

Weird Traditions In Africa

5. female circumcision

This shuddery tribe is usually practiced in Africa. not like the male circumcision that involves partial or complete removal of the foreskin round the crotch, the feminine circumcision involves total removal of the crotch simply to preserve the woman’s chastity. due to education and media, this apply is really reduced within the country.

6. fattening room

This is experienced by the Calabars. The fattening space could be a space wherever young girls are unbroken and ready for womanhood. In times past, being fat is like being prosperous and all. that’s what this space is essentially regarding.

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