A ‘mentally disturbed’ man performs medical treatments to communities in Benue, causing wonders.

A ‘mentally disturbed' man performs medical treatments to communities in Benue, causing wonders.

Mr Denen, a mentally ill man, has shocked residents in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, as residents continue to flock to him at the JS Tarka Foundation, where he provides medical services to a huge number of individuals with various health problems.

On Wednesday, Citizen TV, a Benue State broadcast platform, visited the venue and reported that the mentally unstable man would, upon seeing a patient, write a number of Tiv traditional ailment affecting the person and refer them to various traditional doctors who would be expected to treat the patient.

Before his sad situation, the individual held a Masters degree from the University of Jos, according to a source.

According to the source, a big number of people converge at the JS Tarka Foundation in High-Level Makurdi to meet with the man about their health problems.

Sandra, a woman who provided her name as Sandra, said she heard about the man and felt compelled to come since she was experiencing severe chest symptoms that seemed to defy all medical diagnoses.

Sandra stated that she had conducted the’mad doctor’ and had already been handed a piece of paper stating what was wrong with her, and that she would be seeing a traditional healer.

Another patient, Mr Aondohemen, who spoke with the TV crew, said it was luck for him.

“He has showed me where to go, and I will follow his instructions. I heard about him and had to travel all the way from my hamlet to see how things turned out.”

A worker for the man, who requested anonymity, also stated that he had a swelled region of his skull and had sought medical care from all hospitals without success.

Samuel Ortom, the Governor of Benue State, allegedly gave him money for therapy on multiple times, but it didn’t heal until the day he saw the mentally challenged man. He simply requested that he apply a specific herb, and he was instantly healed.

“Since then, every evening after work, I’ve come here to assist him in instructing people,” he continued.

Individuals had thanked the madman for assisting them, according to a 30-year-old lady who works to assist the madman in ministering to people.

“They always come here,” says the narrator. They come to give him financial gifts after he has been healed. She said, “Government officials, public servants, police officers, and many others.”

Following the trend, a Facebook user expressed his displeasure with the healer-actions man’s on his profile on Friday.

“I’m a little confused,” he says. I heard of a “crazy” local doctor who sits at the entrance to IBB Square Makurdi and prescribes native medicine to sick Makurdi residents.

“I found out about this man from one of my friends, who invited me to accompany him and his sick brother to see him for medical advice. When I witnessed a crowd of people gathered around a suspected “crazy” man demanding medical assistance, I was taken aback.

“A young woman in her late twenties or thirties appeared and pretended to be employed by the alleged “crazy” man.

“As we were about to leave, a group of people arrived with gifts and money to express their gratitude to the guy for healing their sick son.

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‘I also saw one of my old pals standing near to the man, and she attested during our talk that the man had also provided her with important medical advice.’

“What the man does is listen to you, consult his oracle, and then point you in the direction of native medical care or attention.

“When my friend who brought in a stroke sufferer approached him to inquire, he kindly asked him to queue up, explaining that he will not attend to anyone, no matter how high up in the line, unless he queues up behind the other patients who were already waiting in line.

“He exuded self-assurance and bravery. He was observed seated with attractive young ladies ranging in age from 22 to 24.

“According to circulating reports, the individual earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the respected University of Jos. To my bones, I’m still stunned and shocked.”

Another recipient, claimed that God was using the man to heal people of various diseases.

Let me rectify the notion of “Mr Denen,” who is referred to as “a lunatic” in this article.

“God can appear to Christians in any guise, and you may not recognize him. In general, looking at this Prestigious UniJos graduate, you could readily say he’s mentally unstable; yet, a mad guy can be easily detected by his actions and utterances, however this old man’s case is different.

“I saw him there in April 2020, but we just had a few interactive forums with him earlier this year. Let me address a misunderstanding here: this old man, referred to as “a crazy,” does not collect money from clients. He enjoys collecting gifts, particularly food and snacks.

“Yes, gorgeous girls may swarm around him in an uncertain appearance as described herein, but their emancipation is certain after that.

“Overall, I want to support the fact that he is curing people through the “instrumentality of God the Creator,” as he frequently claims. He stated, “It wasn’t a bad or horrible outing with him anyway.”

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