Akwa Ibom State News

Akwa Ibom State News

Akwa Ibom State news can be gotten here, before then let’s give some other information about Akwa Ibom State. Read till the end of this post to see Akwa Ibom State news, because Akwa Ibom State news sources are provided at the end of the post.

About Akwa Ibom State

State of Akwa Ibom in southeastern Nigeria. Until 1987, when Akwa Ibom state was constituted, the territory was part of Cross River state. Cross River state borders Akwa Ibom on the east, the Atlantic Ocean’s Bight of Biafra on the south, Rivers state on the west, Abia state on the west and north, and Ebonyi state on the north. Along the shore, there are huge saltwater mangrove swamps, and further inland, tropical rain forests and oil palms.

Dakkada Towers, 21-story building in Akwa Ibom State
Dakkada Towers, 21-story building in Akwa Ibom

The state’s population is primarily made up of Ibibio people who depend on yams, rice, cowpeas, corn (maize), and cassava, as well as oil palms and cocoa. Pigs, sheep, goats, and rabbits are among the animals reared.

Economically, shrimping along the shore and deep-sea fishing are both important. Lignite reserves and offshore oil fields are among the state’s mineral resources. The state capital and university are both located in the inland city of Uyo (founded 1983). Opobo and Oron, both along the shore, and Ikot-Ekpene, inland, are other notable towns.

Oron is home to a museum of ethnography, which was established in 1959. The Cross River and the Oron–Ikot–Ekpene highway are key traffic corridors. The total area is 2,734 square miles (7,081 square km). The population was 3,920,208 in 2006.

Map of Akwa Ibom State

Below is the map of Akwa Ibom State:

map of akwa ibom state

Akwa Ibom State News and Governor of Akwa Ibom

To get Akwa Ibom State News and to know the current Akwa Ibom State Governor, simply go to the official website of Akwa Ibom State.

Akwa Ibom State news can also be gotten from several Nigerian news websites whenever there is breaking news about Akwa Ibom State.

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