All You Need To know About Magun Charm Phenomenon

Juju could be a non secular belief quite common in Nigeria and geographic area. In Yoruba land, there are several kinds of juju that’s done for varied reasons, that vary from the seek for justice or retribution to a lot of self-serving reasons. The Magun is one in every of those charms.

In Yoruba land, any variety of free love is seen as a taboo and a few area unit keen on taking precautions to curb sexual practice. However, are we tend to positive that this charm is real or is there a scientific rationalization.

What is Magun in Yoruba belief?

In the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria, the magun suggests that “do not climb”. it’s done to limit either man or lady from sexual sexual practice. folks will place magun on their daughters to stay them from being promiscuous and penalise anyone who rapes them, or it may well be done by in-laws, lovers, spouses to stay husbands or wives from being unfaithful.

The magun is sometimes arranged while not consent and/or cunningly. A handle or thread will be placed on a doorsill or walk for the girl to cross over. withal, the result will be terribly deadly.

A woman with this spell that’s unfaithful will get ridden with strange diseases, boils, little pox or accumulated sweating, and will eventually die. a person with the spell who cheats might find yourself crowing sort of a cock, enlargement of the non-public part, headaches, convulsions or tumble.

However, the foremost common manifestation of this charm happens once a ladies arranged with the spell commits free love, the member of the lover becomes stuck within the channel with severe pains till the husband involves cancel the spell.

Scientific rationalization

The magun development is outwardly not distinctive to Nigeria. There are cases in alternative countries like African nation and in Rhodesia, the development is named Runyoka.

There are some scientific explanations that attempt to make a case for this development. the primary is member Captivus, a rare incidence in heterosexual intercourse once the muscles within the channel crack down on the member far more firmly than usual, or thanks to associate degree full member, creating it not possible for the member to withdraw from the channel.

Another is muscle contraction that happens once a lady has sexual issues with guilt. This may cause the physiology of the girl to be altered therefore the channel tightens round the member in a very series of spasms.

Whichever the case, there’s still some mystery close magun, as a result of however else are you able to make a case for the requirement for the husband to cancel the charm?

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