August 1 Minimum Wave in Connecticut

August 1 Minimum Wave in Connecticut

The law mandates that the minimum wage be linked to the employment cost index beginning January 1, 2024.

On Sunday, a new minimum wage rise took effect in Connecticut, boosting the amount to $13 per hour.

The rise is the result of legislation passed by Governor Lamont in 2019 that calls for periodic increases in the minimum wage over the next five years, from $10.10 to $15 in 2023.

The following is the increase schedule:

On October 1, 2019, the price will be $11.00;

on September 1, 2020, $12.00;

on August 1, 2021, $13.00;

on July 1, 2022, $14.00;

and on June 1, 2023, $15.00.

“15 dollars is something I wholeheartedly support. I believe that, especially in this day and age and with the way things are going, it will only improve. The importance of a living wage cannot be overstated “Sarah Fernandez of Hartford agreed.

However, not everyone agrees with the mandated increase.

“Some folks are deserving of a pay boost. Some people don’t, for example, “Rob Slate, a former Lebanon business owner, said “I’ve always expected a dollar’s worth of money for a dollar’s worth of labor, and if you deserve it, you’ll get rewarded. However, I believe that mandating it all is unwise.”

According to Michael Mitchell, owner of Red Carpet Barber Salon in Hartford, providing employees with a better quality of life is vital, and a higher minimum wage helps achieve that aim.

“I believe we are at a point in history where you must be business astute enough to reorganize your services, products, and retail in order for your people to profit. It’s all about the employees first and foremost “Mitchell remarked.

Julie Zarlengo, the owner of Blondie’s Diner and Blondie’s Country Diner in Willimantic, noted that adopting the minimum wage hike necessitates a delicate balancing act with other critical issues such as customer prices and inflation.

“I believe that employees deserve a higher minimum wage, and I believe that the impact of the increase will affect all businesses, especially small businesses, and I believe that it will, unfortunately, have to trickle down as modestly as possible, and there will be some small price increases, but hopefully small business owners like myself can find other ways to cut costs, be diligent on wastefulness, and pave the way for the increase.”

The law requires the minimum wage to be linked to the employment cost index, which is calculated by the United States Department of Labor, beginning January 1, 2024, and for the first time in Connecticut, the rate will grow in accordance with economic indicators.

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