Comprehensive Dental Solutions for a Healthy Smile

Many individuals encounter issues with their wisdom teeth, which can lead to various dental problems such as gum disease, cavities, and bone loss. In addition, wisdom teeth can disrupt the alignment of adjacent teeth and affect the bite. To prevent these issues, it is advisable to have wisdom teeth removed.

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures requested by patients is teeth whitening. At East Village Dental, we utilize state-of-the-art laser whitening systems, including the Iveri laser whitening system. This advanced technology delivers effective whitening results with minimal discomfort.

Veneers are thin but durable materials designed specifically for each tooth. They are bonded to the front teeth, allowing individuals to feel confident and proud of their beautiful smile.

When faced with the need for a root canal, there is no cause for alarm. Delaying treatment for a cavity can result in further complications, leading to nerve infection and pain. A root canal procedure involves the removal of infected or dead tissue from the tooth. The dentist will provide an anesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience, and the tooth may be filled with a special filling.

Traditionally, braces have been the go-to treatment for orthodontic correction. They effectively realign teeth by repositioning them accurately. Today, options such as colored and clear braces are available, although metal braces remain popular.

Invisalign, a popular orthodontic procedure in Calgary, offers a visually appealing and functional alternative. This treatment involves using a series of removable plastic trays that gradually reposition the teeth over time. For optimal results, patients are instructed to wear the aligners consistently, except during meals.

Regular dental cleanings play a vital role in preventing gum disease, bad breath, and chronic infections that can lead to tooth loss. Maintaining good oral hygiene through daily brushing and flossing at home is crucial in preventing these issues.

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