A girl is caught on camera setting fire to the Ebeano supermarket in Abuja.

Ebeano supermarket Abuja fire

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) video has surfaced online in which a nine-year-old girl appears to be the one who started the fire that destroyed the Prince Ebeano supermarket in Abuja on July 17.

Firefighters battled to keep a massive fire under control from Saturday night until the early hours of Sunday morning.

At around 7 p.m., the child waddled into the supermarket’s gas section, according to the tape, which has a date stamp of July 17.

She kept looking about, making sure no one was looking, before picking up a lighter and lighting it.

Closed-circuit television CCTV footage of a young girl setting fire to a multi-million naira shopping facility in the Federal Capital Territory, Ebeano Supermarket Lokogoma, has gone viral.

The supermarket was destroyed by fire on July 17, which lasted more than a day.

Many FCT fire stations, including Nji, Games Village, Garki, and Asokoro, were involved in extinguishing the blaze, according to Ibrahim Muhammad, a spokesman for the FCT Fire Service.

The suspect, who has not been named, was seen heading into the supermarket with two alleged female accomplices on Monday.

The youngster was spotted walking to an area of the supermarket where gas cylinders and electric cookers were kept, clad in a black top and trousers. She then walked away after picking up a lighter and lighting an item on the table.

She returned to where she came from after waiting for the fire to catch on.

The glob of fire she had left behind burst, engulfing the supermarket in flames.

In another video, the young child confesses to her mother taking her to the grocery during interrogation.

Her mother, the girl explained, intended to buy drinks for her sister in another section of the store before leaving them to go to the gas station.

In an interview with NAN on Sunday, Ibrahim Muhammad, public relations officer (PRO) of the federal capital territory fire service, said it was still unclear whether there were any injuries.

“We won’t know whether any lives were lost until the fire has been extinguished,” Muhammad said.

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