Effective Tips for Promoting Your Services on a Budget with Creative Flyers

An Affordable Approach to Promote Your Services: Create Diverse Flyers and Maximize Distribution

Looking for an inexpensive way to promote your services? Consider crafting various flyers and distributing them wherever you go. Pin them to bulletin boards at the library or bookstore, hand them out at networking events, or even while engaging in activities like playing tennis. To ensure your flyers grab attention and leave a lasting impression, here are ten essential tips:

Make a Visual Connection: Include your picture on the flyer. People tend to connect better visually, so a colored picture works great, but black and white is also acceptable.

Hook with a Captivating Headline: Capture the interest of prospective buyers with an attention-grabbing headline at the top. For example, “Discover the Truth About ______!” Give them a compelling reason to read the entire flyer by showcasing the benefits.

Authentic Testimonials: Genuine testimonials hold significant value. Instead of brief quotes with initials, last names, and states, aim for testimonials that appear authentic. Include a call to action alongside authenticity, such as “Visit my website for additional testimonials and live links to contact these satisfied customers.”

Clear Call to Action: Every flyer needs a call to action. Clearly state what you want the reader to do after perusing the flyer—whether it’s calling, visiting a website, or taking another specific action. Avoid the common mistake of omitting the benefits of taking that action or placing it elsewhere in the flyer.

Incorporate Praise: In addition to testimonials, include praise from satisfied customers. This praise doesn’t necessarily have to directly relate to the flyer’s topic but can showcase other aspects of your work.

Simplify Product Purchases: If you’re selling a product, make it easy for potential customers to make a purchase. Clearly illustrate how they can order online, via fax, or by phone. Consider using language like “3 Easy Steps to Order.” For skeptics, provide a URL link for more information.

Highlight In-Person Purchasing Opportunities: If customers can buy directly from you, mention it on the flyer. Provide details such as your availability at specific locations or times. For example, “You can usually find me at Borders every Friday between 3 PM and 5 PM for discussions or purchases.” Utilize similar information for other venues like the library, placing a flyer on their job board.

Compelling Headline and Engaging Opening Paragraph: Your headline must immediately grab the reader’s attention, and the first paragraph should captivate them. You have only three seconds to accomplish this. If you’re targeting a specific market, research the words or phrases that resonate with them and tailor your content accordingly. Experiment with different hooks for various target markets while keeping the rest of the flyer unchanged until you achieve the desired response.

Carry Flyers in a Protected Folder: Always have at least 25 flyers with you, stored in a sealed plastic folder to shield them from the elements and keep them fresh. Place a piece of cardboard in front and back for added stiffness.

Utilize the Blank Side: Make use of the blank side of the flyer by writing personalized notes. People tend to hold onto flyers with handwritten notes for longer periods. Recommend books, websites, or referrals. Create a unique code for special discounts or complimentary sessions, and provide instructions for recipients to mention or use the code when contacting you. Design the codes to reference something about you, such as “10” for attendees of a particular event or “20” for your target market. You can also encourage recipients to enter these codes into other tracking systems.