Embracing the Familiarity: Computers and the Changing Perspectives

Do you recall the excitement of witnessing your first automobile as a child? For older individuals, the answer is likely yes. The first car they encountered was a source of wonder—a new and unfamiliar object. It wasn’t intimidating, merely unknown. While they had heard of cars before, they hadn’t yet experienced them. It was a far cry from being scary.

Conversely, for most other people, there is no distinct memory of encountering their first automobile, simply because cars have always been a part of their lives. They are not afraid of cars because they are well-acquainted with them. Similarly, the youngest generation of youth feels the same way about computers.

Many of you may recall the first time you encountered a computer. It was a strange and unfamiliar device. Some found it exciting, while others did not. However, at some point, you may have concluded that using a computer was reserved for the younger or more technologically adept individuals.

We have moved beyond the era where cars were exclusively for the wealthy. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a car. In the past, walking everywhere was perfectly acceptable, although most people have now learned to drive. Similarly, while there are still those who can manage without a computer, the majority use them multiple times a week.

In the eyes of younger generations, computers are perceived much like cars are by most people. Computers are not something to fear; they are merely unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity does not imply any negativity towards computers or towards yourself.

Just as you have grown accustomed to cars, feel free to explore the world of computers and have some fun with them. Experiment, play around, and don’t worry about breaking anything—just like you didn’t break your car the first time you got in it. Go ahead, embrace the experience, and enjoy yourself!