eNaira: How To Benefit And Start Using eNaira Now


What is eNaira?

eNaira is a digital currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria that provides a unique form of money denominated in Naira. When compared to cash payments, the eNaira serves as both a medium of exchange and a store of value, providing better payment prospects in retail transactions. The eNaira has a unique operational structure that sets it apart from other forms of central bank money.

eNaira Price

The price of eNaira is the same as the price of the physical naira note. For example, a hundred naira (N100) note is equal to 100 eNaira (e100). Any amount you have in the naira note is equivalent to the same amount of eNaira when you convert the naira note to eNaira crypto.

Benefits of eNaira

In Nigeria, there are several advantages to having a central bank-issued digital currency, and these benefits cut across various sectors and concerns.

Below are the benefits of eNaira crypto:

Revenue Collection

eNaira facilitates revenue collection by lowering cash handling costs.


eNaira facilitates domestic and international trade by making transactions safe, inexpensive, better, and faster.

eNaira Security

Because of its unique identity and security structure, eNaira has a higher level of security than other currencies.


eNaira promotes economic growth by making capital and financial services more accessible, thereby increasing economic activity at a low or no interest transaction rate.

eNaira CBN

The traceability of eNaira is being monitored to prevent it from being used for illegal or fraudulent purposes.


eNaira offers a safe and affordable diaspora remittance option, as well as a boost in transaction speed.


eNaira makes it possible to distribute cash assistance to households and communities who are part of government social welfare programs in a more efficient, equitable, and timely manner.


Financial inclusion is achieved through eNaira, which makes financial services available to people and communities who do not have access to adequate banking facilities.

eNaira Website

The website of eNaira is enaira.gov.ng

With 81 countries and counting racing to develop their own Central Bank Digital Currencies, let it’s clear: eNaira is a people-oriented digital currency that uses technology to connect individuals and businesses for easy trading and financial inclusion. eNaira break down barriers, build bridges, and tell true human stories. eNaira is the first and only audience-centric digital currency with a face.

How To Start Using eNaira App

eNaira App Download

You can download eNaira app from Google play store or the Apple eNaira speed wallet.

The eNaira, the Nigerian Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), is now operational.

The eNaira is a digital legal tender with the same value as the Naira (100=e100).

To get started using eNaira, follow these steps:

1. Get the eNaira Speed Wallet from the Google Play or Apple Appstore and open it.

2. To begin the onboarding process, click “Sign up.”

3. Select Wema Bank as your eNaira Partner by scrolling down.

4. Create a password using your mobile number.

5. Fill in the following personal information:
Name (first and surname)
Date of Birth
State of Origin
Bank Account Number

6. A wallet activation email is sent to the email address associated with your BVN once it has been validated.

7. Go to the registered mailbox, confirm that the email was received, and set up a password.

8. To confirm your email and activate your speed eNaira Wallet, click on “Activate wallet.”

9. To log in to the eNaira Speed Wallet, enter the email address associated with your BVN and your password.

10. Start making transactions with your funded eNaira Wallet.

Alternatively, you can fund your eNaira wallet by visiting any bank branch.


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For the time being, take advantage of Nigeria’s new digital currency, which opens up a world of new possibilities.

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