Federal Government Says No to Occupy Lagos Lekki Toll Gate

The Federal Government and Lagos State government yesterday warned organisers of #OccupyLekki objections to desist from their action slated for tomorrow or encounter their rage. Apart from both federal governments, Lagos State Cops Commissioner, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, also suggested the protest organisers to have a rethink however the organisers insisted that they would certainly not be frightened into pulling back.

The organisers of the demonstration had actually claimed previously in the week that it was meant to counter the pronouncement of Lagos State Panel on #EndSARS protest which provided Lekki Concession Company, operators of Lekki Toll Gateway, the all-clear to reboot procedures. This is even as one more group of protesters vowed to counter the #OccupyLekki objection to conserve Lagos from more devastation. Talking on the prepared protest at a media rundown in Abuja yesterday, Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said the Federal government will not fold its arms and allow one more round of objections under the banner of the #ENDSARS movement.

Mohammed, who mentioned the wrongs visited on the nation and Nigerians during the fierce #EndSARS protests of last October, cautioned: “Any more resort to physical violence for #EndSARS will certainly not be tolerated this time around.

Federal Government Says Security Agents Are Ready:

“The security agents are ready for any eventuality. A situation in which six soldiers and 37 policemen were murdered in cold blood by hoodlums will not repeat itself. The attack, looting and razing of 269 private and public property will not happen  again. The killing of 57 civilians will not be re-enacted.

“Let me be clear: While peaceful protests are the constitutional rights of Nigerians, violent protests are not. At this time, the chances that any peaceful protest will be hijacked are very high. “Based on the intelligence at the disposal of the Federal Government, some Nigerian activists have linked up with others outside Nigeria, including subversive elements, with a view to destabilizing the country. We cannot and must not allow this to happen.

“Never again will the Federal Government allow  the kind of violence that was perpetrated across the country under the  guise of #EndSARS last October. Never again will anyone or group be  allowed to destroy cities or to kill and maim innocent citizens, including security agents, under any guise.

“The #EndSARS campaign last October started as a peaceful protest  against police brutality. As a government that believes in the constitutionally-guaranteed right of citizens to engage in peaceful protests, the Federal Government did nothing to hinder the protests  for as long as they remained peaceful. “Not only that, the Federal Government moved swiftly to accede to the five-point demands by the #EndSARS campaigners which are immediate release of all arrested protesters; justice for all deceased victims of police brutality and  appropriate compensation for their families; setting up of an independent body to oversee the investigation  and prosecution of all reports of police misconduct within 10 days; in line with the new Police Act, psychological evaluation and  retraining (to be confirmed by an independent body) of all disbanded  SARS officers before they can be redeployed; and an increase in police salary, so  they are adequately compensated for protecting the lives and property of citizens.

“Unfortunately, despite the acceptance of the demands, the protesters misread the Federal Government’s respect for the rule of law and defiantly continued to demonstrate and occupy a public  facility, even after a curfew was declared by Lagos State government. “This led to a series of actions that culminated in the  hijacking of the protests by hoodlums who perpetrated unimaginable  violence in Lagos and other cities across the country. “The trillion-Naira destruction of Lagos, in particular, remains  too fresh a wound. Hundreds, including the youth, lost their  livelihoods to the wanton attacks in Lagos. The burnt wreckage of  public buses that were wantonly set ablaze by rampaging hoodlums  remain in their positions as a sad and gory reminder of the  unprecedented attacks. The city is still reeling from the war-like destruction.

“For those who are using justice as an alibi for another round of  destruction, let me say this: As we speak, the judicial panels of  inquiry set up across the country to receive and investigate complaints of police brutality or related extra-judicial killings,  with a view to delivering justice for all victims of the dissolved  SARS and other police units, are continuing with the assignments.

FG Warned The Citizens Not To Protest Tomorrow 13th February, 2021:

“In Lagos, the Judicial Panel of Inquiry has an added responsibility of  investigating the incident of October 20 at the Lekki Toll Gate. Like we have said many times, anyone who has any information on  the alleged shooting or purported massacre at the Lekki Toll Gate,  including the names and addresses of those who were purportedly killed, should head to the panel to give it such information. “This is  how to enhance the search for justice, not by rabble-rousing or  engaging in media shows. We, therefore, strongly warn those who are planning to re-occupy  Lekki Toll Gate on Saturday to desist.

“We know that many of those who have been loudest on social media in advertising the plan to reconvene in Lagos on Saturday are not even in Nigeria. They are elsewhere around the world, fanning the embers of violence and inciting gullible people back home. No one should fall for their antics. “No government anywhere will allow a repeat of the kind of destruction,  killing and maiming wrought by the hijackers of #EndSARS protests last year. After all, only one policeman – (plus four others) – was killed  in the invasion of the US Capitol in January, yet the FBI has continued to hunt down and prosecute the perpetrators. No life is more important than the other. “The Federal Government is also keenly watching the role being played by the various social media platforms in this renewed clamour for violence in the country.

“Recall that the social media platforms  that eagerly nudged on the #EndSARS protesters, until the situation got  out of hand, are the same ones that quickly pulled the plug on even their own President when the chips were down in their own country. I hope we have all learnt our lessons. If we allow them to destroy our country, we will bear the brunt.”

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