Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: The ‘Email to a Friend’ Advantage

In the realm of marketing, both online and offline, the age-old technique of “Word of Mouth” continues to prove its effectiveness. Imagine a scenario where Joe visits your website and is impressed by what he finds. He believes it’s exactly what his friend Fred has been searching for. Now, what if Joe could easily recommend your website to Fred by sending him a direct email right from your website?

The good news is that he can, thanks to the presence of an ’email to a friend’ script on your website.

Numerous free scripts are available to fulfill this purpose, but the one I discovered to be the simplest to install is a script developed by William Bontrager called ‘Master Recommend.’

Implementing this script was a breeze, and I had it up and running successfully on my website with just a second attempt.