I Have No Girlfriend And U Don’t Snub Women – Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael is a household name when it comes to Nollywood actors, especially epic movies in Nigeria.

The 36 years old is currently a “hot cake” when it comes to the country’s movie industry.

Prominent for playing the roles of royal prince, gangster, lover boy, etc in movies. He celebrated his 36th birthday on the 1st of February.

Nigerian movie lovers will not forget easily and stop talking about the roles he played in many movies such as “Three Widows”, ” Royal Storm”, “The Generals” and many other blockbuster movies.

Zubby Michael revealed that even though he has no girlfriend, he doesn’t snub women when they come around him.

“ Women need attention and if you are not ready to give them that attention, there is no need allowing them to hang around you. One needs to work hard and ensure that he cannot be hungry again. As an Igbo man that’s what I believe in. Marriage and girl friend should wait for now. I need to be comfortable in life before thinking of having a girl friend or getting married,” Michael added.

“I welcome them, but you will know that there is nothing going on between us. I wouldn’t want any girl to commit herself because I am not ready. I don’t want to deceive any girl so that she doesn’t swear or curse me. I am focusing on my acting career for now,” the actor stated.

Zubby, said he tries to be as professional when playing a love scene with an actress. “I try to be professional and once they say cut, I stand up and go home,” he explained.

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