Ikeja, town, capital of Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria. It exists 10.5 miles (17 km) northwest of Lagos city. Originally settled by the Yoruba people, the region was robbed for slaves up until the mid-19th century. Early in the 20th century, it became an agricultural hinterland for Lagos; kola nuts were first expanded in Nigeria in this field. In 1901 when the Lagos-Ibadan train was opened together with the development of Lagos to be a port transformed Ikeja into a residential and also commercial suburb of the state. An industrial estate was developed in the mid-1960s, in 1976 Ikeja became the capital of Lagos state.

The community’s industrial estate has cotton fabric plants that are amongst Nigeria’s largest, as well as there is also a wool fabric plant. Other factories in Ikeja manufacture shoes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper and also cork items, ceramics, paints, matches, as well as lights products. There are a number of food handling plants as well as a large brewery in the community. Hefty industries around Ikeja consist of steel products, trailer-truck storage tanks, wire, as well as aluminum. A number of publishers and also printers as well as import-export businesses are likewise centered at Ikeja.

The Federal Institute of Industrial Study (1955) and also an area nursing school are located in the community. The Lagos state radio broadcasting solution has its head office in Ikeja. A housing project has actually been integrated into the town to help alleviate the congestion issues of Lagos. Murtala Mohammed International Airport terminal, offering Lagos, is located in Ikeja.


Ikeja, which was formally called “Akeja” was named after a deity of the Awori individuals of Ota. It was initially settled by the Awori individuals, as well as the area was plundered for servants till the mid-19th century. Ikeja became an agricultural hinterland for Lagos Early in the 20th century. The opening of the Lagos-Ibadan train in 1901 and also the development of Lagos as a port changed Ikeja into a property as well as a commercial residential area of that city. An industrial estate was established in the mid-1960s, Ikeja became the capital of Lagos State in 1976.

Government as well as framework

The City government management headquarters of Ikeja are located within the Ikeja City government facilities. Since June 2019, the Chairman (Mayor) of Ikeja’s local government is Engr. Mojeed Balogun.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has its headquarters in Ikeja on the grounds of Murtala Muhammad Airport Terminal. The Mishap Examination Bureau of the Nigerian government is headquartered in Ikeja. The Nigerian Civil Aeronautics Authority (NCAA) has its head workplace in Aeronautics House on the grounds of the airport; this was previously just the Lagos workplace.


Numerous airlines have their head workplaces positioned in Ikeja. Arik Air’s head office remains in the Arik Air Travel Centre on the grounds of Murtala Muhammed Airport. Aero Service providers have their head workplace on the grounds of Murtala Muhammed Flight Terminal. Overland Airways has its head workplace in Ikeja. Various other airlines with head offices in Ikeja include Associated Aeronautics as well as Dana Air. On top of that, Virgin Atlantic has its Nigerian office in “The Area” in Ikeja.

At one point, Nigeria Airways had its head workplace in Airways Home. Prior to it was liquified, Afrijet Airlines had its head workplace in the NAHCO Building on the grounds of the flight terminal. The headquarters of the defunct Bellview Airlines was at Bellview Plaza. Various other now-defunct airlines with head workplaces in Ikeja include Air Nigeria (previously Nigerian Eagle as well as Virgin Nigeria Airways), on the 9th Flooring of Etiebets Area, Sosoliso Airlines, and ADC Airlines.
A slum in Ikeja was just recently selected by C. J. Obasi as a production area for his upcoming Nollywood thriller, Ojuju.
Ikeja also has a major market area called Ipodo Market. This market has lots of shops and also makeshift stalls where merchants present and also market produce, meat, fish, grains, and also other grocery stores.


Districts in the city consist of:

Federal Government Reserved Location,( GRA) Ikeja.

Computer Village

Computer Village
Computer Village, Ikeja

Computer Village is located in Ikeja. It is home to a large computer market, famously known as Otigba. Begun in 1997 as a little market of only 10 stores, the present market now has more than 3000. While most suppliers offer the expected computer system sales and fixing solutions, it is likewise feasible to find sales as well as repair service services for different types of workplace devices and digital devices.

By 2019, the little patronize Computer Town had grown to multiple-storey shopping malls. Much of the single-floor structures have been turned into larger structures, housing numerous stores that disperse and fix cellphones, laptop computers, printers, and other digital tools. Almost all the major Nigerian financial institutions have branches around the market.

As the marketplace is unplanned, it has experienced problems in its development, with some neighborhood homeowners revealing aggravation at the market’s development. Web traffic around the location has come to be really stuffed, and it can be nearly impossible to discover a location to park. Furthermore, the electric facilities, which were currently undependable, have become strained by the new market, which requires substantial quantities of electricity to show working computer items to prospective clients.

Ikeja Electric Plc

Ikeja Electric
Ikeja Electric

Ikeja Electric Plc, Nigeria’s largest power distribution network powers live with companies and development with an unwavering drive for quality. The company started its new stage of development as well as growth on November 1st, 2013 following the handover of the inoperative Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (PHCN) to a Consortium in the privatization plan of the Nigeria Federal Government.

The consortium has the Oriental Electric Power Firm (KEPCO) which generates regarding 84,000 MW inability and has an international efficiency document of an optimum downtime period of slightly above three minutes annually as technological partners.

This partnership has positioned IE to properly drive its dedication to provide reliable and lasting power supply via investments in brand-new innovation, framework upgrades, and human funding advancement.

Ikeja Electric has more than 1,000,000 clients that the business is dedicated to serving with a New Spirit, New Drive as well as New Energy. This resolve remains to evoke a passion for service quality and also brand-new reasoning on exactly how to equip lives and companies across the IE network.

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