Today is the first day of Disney’s “Jungle Cruise.”

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise, today marks the release of the big-screen recreation of Disney’s famed Jungle Cruise rollercoaster. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays riverboat captain Frank Wolff, who is tasked with transporting Emily Blunt’s Dr. Lily Houghton into the Amazon in search of a legendary tree with “unparalleled healing powers.”

Getting Blunt in the film was so crucial to Johnson, who was also a producer on the Jungle Cruise project, that he sent her a personal video asking her to participate. “I told Emily, ‘You’re the only one who can make this movie,'” she stated “” Johnson said during a recent press conference with the rest of the actors.

During the sit-down, which was also attended by Jack Whitehall, who plays Blunt’s onscreen brother, and Edgar Ramirez, who plays one of the heavies, Aguirre, the pair’s onscreen chemistry was clear. Each of them took turns mocking Johnson and his video. “As a British person, Jack can relate to this,” Blunt joked, “if someone comes on too heavy… It’s simply preferable to leave. ‘All right, just tone it down a notch.’ ““

“We were mates for life immediately,” Blunt said of Johnson, aside from busting his chops. It was as though I knew right away when we met that we had this ping-pong-like chemistry, and I simply assumed we’d have a nice time.”

Johnson concurred, saying, “It’s really true.” “And then, you know, you hope to get lucky with your cast, like you like to try to have some chemistry and that, and a lot of the time you fake it…”

“He’s been faking it for years,” Blunt swiftly interjected, which Johnson found amusing, before adding, “I have and I will continue to fake it.” Big liar!”

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