Kelly Hansome Blast DJ Cuppy Over Gelato

Dj Cuppy protruded belly have been trending online. According to comments, fans keep asking if she is pregnant but no official response from DJ Cuppy yet.

kelly hansome and dj cuppy

Some curios fans trying to satisfy their curiosity went ahead to ask her whether she’s pregnant or not but DJ Cuppy didn’t reply.

DJ Cuppy have been in the news and trending of recent.

First was when she said that she didn’t know what she did which made Zlatan to block her.

Followed by Zlatan and Davido’s PA posting a video where Israel (Davido’s PA) was saying that DJ Cuppy didn’t pay Zlatan after helping her to make Gelato a hit track.

This was followed by DJ Cuppy issuing a statement that she will sue Israel.

After a while, Israel, Davido’s PA made a video where he was seen apologizing to DJ Cuppy, begging her and her father Otedola.

The latest of all these drama is Kelly hansome posting on his instagram page, blasting DJ Cuppy about her music video. This is what Kelly Hansome posted on his instagram page:

If I talk now haters will say their daily prayer “bla bla bla”…

“Ur career don die”. “U’re looking for attention”. “U’re hating”, meanwhile the person chatting has never stood out for anything in life. No be only GELATO, na MALAWI. What is this? This is an insult to music as a career and an embarrassment to NAIJA Music. This is like mocking real Musicians, when did we get here? You cannot buy talent. They would’ve paid me or someone to write a proper song for her, bring out her British accent & all but NO. 🤨

U would have just come out on Hiptv to insult all of us all 1 by 1, this is wicked. 9ja music has lost bearing, chai!

Watch the video he is talking about below:

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