Medicine in Nigerian Universities; Pros and Cons

Medicine in Nigeria
Medicine in Nigerian universities

Medicine is certainly one of the toughest courses to study and studying it in Nigeria even makes it even tougher. To study a course like Medicine in Nigeria , you need to have passion and sufficient zeal otherwise, you would end up getting burnt out very easily. Most of your time in the university would be spent in classes and lecture halls. Medicine is like a jealous lover. Studying Medicine in Nigeria would take up most of your social life but in all these, make sure to;

  • Spend time with family
  • Go out once in a while and have fun
  • Get a hobby, advisably something not related to medicine; this is because Medicine has a way of eating you up and you don’t want to end up like a doctor who has nothing else to offer when medicine is taken away from him.

Best schools to study medicine in Nigeria

Currently, there are 39 schools offering Medicine in Nigeria. Make sure to look for universities that are fully accredited  

It is best to study medicine in a fully accredited university. See the list of fully accredited schools as of 2021 here

 Criteria needed to study medicine in Nigeria

JAMB UTME score not less than 250

Cut off mark is different for every university but to be on the safer side, make sure to score much higher than your desired school’s cut off mark.

POST UTME SCORE not less than 250

This is also variable because every school has their various cut off score for POST UTME. But you should be able to score beyond the mark needed by the school.

Five credit passes at WASSCE or NECO in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English language.

How many years does it take to study medicine in Nigeria?

Studying Medicine in Nigeria takes at least six years. One year for house job and one extra year for NYSC. So it takes approximately 8 years to study Medicine in Nigeria.

Without factoring in strikes. An average student in Nigeria will experience at least one to two years of strike. So if and when you decide to study medicine, have it in mind that you would spend at least ten years of your life in school.

Is studying Medicine in Nigeria easy?

Studying medicine in Nigeria is definitely not easy. It requires determination and extreme willingness to succeed with extra focus. The system here is Nigeria is set to work against you. So you have to put in more work than the average person. Always have your goals and plans by your side and make sure to stick to it. And most importantly, be disciplined.

Pros and Cons of studying Medicine in Nigeria.


Stress; starting with the amount of information you need to gobble in everyday from very long lectures to personally reading, medicine is by far the most stressful course to study in Nigeria.

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Strikes ; an average Nigerian student must experience a strike at least once, sometimes lasting up to two years. This exempts those attending private universities.

Lack of equipment and adequate facilities; Most Nigerian medical schools lack the right equipment needed for effective teaches so you have to survive on reading textbooks, watching videos and not actually seeing practical examples.


Cost of Study; Nigeria is actually one of the cheapest places to study medicine when compared to other medical schools around the world. An average of two million naira can take you through medical school in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the cheapest medical school in the USA has a tuition fee of a whooping twenty six thousand dollars(ten million, seven hundred thousand naira).

Successful doctors; Despite the fact that Nigerian schools lack adequate equipment for teaching, we still produce very good doctors. Most doctors that study in Nigeria, travel outside the country to practice and are very successful.


Choosing to study Medicine in a Nigerian University might be stressful an hectic but in the end it would be worth all the struggles.

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