Most Common Breakfast Recipes In Nigeria

Breakfast foods in Nigeria range from light to hearty, depending on the source of the ingredients.

Here are lists of most common breakfast recipes in Nigeria;

1. Akara/Beans/Moin-Moin and Akamu

Both Moin-Moin and Akara are pureed beans meals and spicy ingredients which are low in fat and high in protein, making them both refreshing and light. There is simply one thing concerning Akara and Moi Moi that creates them good for breakfast. Akara could be a common street food that may be found on any corner all around Nigeria. Akamu could be a corn meal dish that pairs absolutely with Akara or moin moin.

2. Yam and Egg sauce

Boiled or cooked yam and egg sauce could be a usual suspect on the tables of Nigerians. it’s quite filling and may last you the entire day, if not careful. This meal is an easy-to-prepare Nigerian sauce created by preparation tomatoes and eggs. The combo will truly be consumed anytime.

3. Tea and bread

No introductions required. Children, adults, the old, everybody loves Nigerian tea and bread. The tea is created out of cocoa and milk, whereas the bread are often cooked or consumed with a ramification.

4. Indomie and egg

Indomie is a very popular instant noodle brand in African country, therefore standard that it’s become the social unit name for all instant noodles. folks will get terribly creative once 

Preparing noodles, and frequently combine it with cooked or dish.

5. Bread and Beans

Bread and beans or Ewa agoyin is native to the Yoruba folks however it’s additionally one among the most standard food in nigeria.

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