Optimizing Your Website for Better Results: Five Simple Tweaks to Boost Conversion

It’s always baffling to see people invest months and thousands of dollars into developing a website, only to let it sit idle in cyberspace without generating any new leads. Imagine hiring a salesperson for your business who fails to perform; you would swiftly let them go without hesitation. So why tolerate a website that doesn’t sell?

If you find yourself unsure about what to do next, fret not! Let me share five straightforward adjustments you can make today to transform your website into a more effective marketing tool, yielding better results.

Collect Contact Information
When meeting potential clients, it’s rare for them to instantly whip out their wallets and express their desire to purchase your products or services. Realistically, it takes multiple interactions to entice someone to spend their hard-earned money. But how can you reach out to them if you don’t even know who they are?
Utilize the prime “cyber real estate” on your website, the top part visible before scrolling, to convince visitors to willingly share their name and email address. Contact your web developer immediately and request the addition of a sign-up form on your home page. (Of course, finish reading this article first, so you can address all the changes in one go.)

Improve Website Load Speed
Does your website feature an abundance of flashing buttons, rotating graphics, or even a “cool” flash intro that guards access to your content? While these elements have their place on the internet, they shouldn’t reside on your website. Most visitors will only wait a few seconds for a site to load; if it fails to do so promptly, they will move on and likely never return.
Unless graphics serve a crucial purpose in communicating information about your products or services, it’s best to remove them. Embrace the 21st century by bidding farewell to outdated “cool” flash intros.

Use Compelling Page Titles
Are you leaving visitors puzzled with obscure page titles? Instead of attempting to rival Harry Potter’s mystique, entice your audience with headlines that compel them to invest time in reading further.
Consider these examples: Would you rather read “About Our Services” or “An Ex-Baker Turned Millionaire Reveals His Marketing Secrets”? Which headline would pique your interest more: “Collateral Design” or “Does Your Marketing Material Truly Communicate Your Message”?

Avoid making people guess what they are about to read. Express it in simple language. Evaluate each page on your website—do they all boast effective headlines? If not, it’s time for an update.

Highlight the Goodies
The age-old principle of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) holds true. Recall a Japanese men’s magazine that produced an entire issue featuring attractive women with “blah, blah, blah” as the text for all titles and articles. The lesson? Men don’t buy those magazines for thought-provoking content.
Likewise, your potential clients visit your website to find solutions to their problems. Don’t bury this valuable information where it remains hidden. Highlight the benefits your product or service offers. Make it easy to find informative articles. Share case studies. Provide downloadable guides, forms, or assessments. Offer links to additional resources. Be helpful, and they will reward you with their business.

Establish Credibility
People prefer doing business with individuals and organizations they know, like, and trust. So how can you foster a sense of familiarity and trust through your website alone? Consider these credibility-boosting measures:
Utilize testimonials. Self-promotion may lead to skepticism, but positive feedback from past clients can instantly enhance your credibility.
Display your contact information prominently on every page. Avoid hiding behind an email address. Let people know where and how to reach you. List your address and phone number. The assurance of accessibility in case something goes wrong makes people more comfortable doing business with you.
Showcase case studies and articles that provide valuable information and position you as an authority on the subject.
Feature pictures of yourself and your key team members. Bios are useful, but seeing faces creates a sense of familiarity. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve met people who feel like they’ve known me for years simply because they saw me on my website.
These five tweaks will give your website a solid starting point in becoming a marketing magnet. Now, go ahead and contact your web developer to implement these changes!