Pere Fights In BBNaija Clash of the Titans

In the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, dubbed “Shine Ya Eye,” viewers witnessed the first major fight between male housemates, Pere, affectionately known as “Major General,” and White Money, the house’s chef, who is considered to be the former’s major competitor.

Before the most recent fight, Pere informed Maria of his intention to remove White Money from the kitchen, which he had announced after winning the Head of the House position the previous week.

It is his opinion that the strategy employed by White Money in order to win is to cook in the kitchen.

Pere gathered the housemates a few days later and announced that because White Money has been cooking since they arrived, he felt it was necessary to change this because he wanted to put an end to the practice of “Kitchen Monopoly.”

White Money, according to Vanguard, was dissatisfied with the decision, which was one of the contributing factors to the recent fight, as the housemate perceives Pere as a threat as a result of his antagonistic actions.

How the commotion got started

After the housemates played their usual night games last night, a fight erupted between them.

During the game, which was a ‘question game,’ in which housemates were to ask each other secret questions, Pere came up to White Money and confronted him, demanding to know what question he had asked during the game.

White Money’s “house chef,” as he is affectionately known by viewers, responded as follows:

“Maria asked me who I believe has had sex in this house, and I went to meet Angel to ask the same question, even though I don’t understand what is going on in the game.”

Pere, on the other hand, walked away from the scene, stating that he will not let the situation slide.

A visibly agitated White Money burst out laughing and began yelling at the top of his lungs, declaring that he would not be intimidated by Pere.

Pere yanked his belt out of his waistband while doing so. Despite the fact that he claimed he was simply trying to adjust his belt, some of his housemates interpreted it as a direct provocation to White Money.

In order to prevent a physical altercation from escalating, the HoH, the Deputy HoH, and other housemates were called in to help calm the situation.

Prior to this, Saga had spoken with Pere and advised him to be cautious about how he conducts himself at White Money, noting that the other housemates regard him (Pere) as a bullying individual.

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