Popular Nigerian Fruits You Don’t Know Their Real Names

These are five of the most common fruits and their names.

1. Black Velvet Tamarind

Black Velvet Tamarind

This fruit is mostly known in Nigeria as Icheku by the Igbo, Awin by the Yorubas and Tsamiyar kurm by the Hausas. It is mostly called  “lickie lickie” by the children

2. Tropical Almonds

Tropical Almonds

This delicious fruit is referred to as “fruit” by most Nigerians and can be found in the Southern part Nigeria.

3. Rose Apple

Rose Apple

This rose apple is commonly known as a local apple in Nigeria 

4. African Star Apple

You’re likely to find this fruit easily in Nigeria if you call it Agbalumo to the Yoruba or Udara to the Igbo people. Some people call it “African Cherry”.

5. Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts

This fruit is popularly called  Aki Hausa in the Southeast part of Nigeria and in the Northern part of Nigeria mostly called Ofio in the Southwest. The fruit is gradually becoming popular amongst Nigerians.

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