Princess tells the court that Baba Ijesha wooed her in 2008 and that they became close in 2013

Princess tells the court that Baba Ijesha wooed her in 2008 and that they became close in 2013

On Monday, ace comedian Damilola Adekanya, popularly known as Princess, told the court how her 14-year-old foster child was allegedly raped by Nollywood actor Olanrewaju Omiyinka, alias Baba Ijesha, after they became friends in 2013.

Baba Ijesha is on trial in the Lagos Special Offences Court in Ikeja, Lagos, for allegedly sexually assaulting Princess’s daughter.

On June 24, he was granted bail after pleading not guilty to the charge.

Princess gave a description of the events that led to her discovery of the rape occurrence at the case’s resumed hearing on Monday, July 26. She was lead in evidence by state prosecutor Olayinka Adeyemi.

Princess recalled some of the events leading up to the incident, saying, “I had gathered my family together to watch a movie I acted in, with Baba Ijesha.”

“However, when my small girl saw Baba Ijesha in the film, she decided she didn’t want to watch it any longer.

“At first, my young girl refused to tell me what was causing her to act strangely whenever she saw the defendant. However, after conversing with one of my friends, she eventually opened up to me.

“Mummy, remember the day Mummy Ope came to our house and you saw her off,’ my daughter remarked to me. Uncle Lanre instructed me to approach him and play with him.

“‘Uncle Lanre asked me to take down my pant, so I did, and he did. Then he ordered me to wrap my waist around him, and something would come out of him and spill on me’.”

Princess went on to say that her child told her that the defendant heard the gate open, signaling that someone was approaching the compound, and told her to go clean herself in the bathroom while he washed his face with a face towel.

Princess also detailed how Baba Ijesha attempted to seduce her in 2008.

Princess claims she met Baba Ijesha at an event in 2008 and the two decided to collaborate on comedic sketches.

Baba Ijesha wooed her during their working relationship, according to the comedian, but she declined his proposal.

After then, Princess stated she became close to the actor, especially after her marriage ended in 2013.

The comedian claimed she put money into Baba Ijesha’s schooling, and the actor later paid her a visit at her house.

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