Spices That Should Be In Every Kitchen

The spices used in preparation are one thing that makes the meal taste better 

Basil leaf is a known scent leaf in Nigeria. It is called Efirin by the Yorubas and Daidoya by the Hausas.

It has a sweet scent with a lot of health benefits. And It is mostly used for pepper soup but can also be used to spice up meat and fish.

Cayenne pepper is mostly called Shombo by the yorubas.

It is most important in jollof rice and stew.

Cumin is mostly called uziza by Nigerians and it is a must-have ingredient in pepper soups. It has lots of health benefits.

Spices That Should Be In Every Kitchen

Curry and thyme

The most common spice in Nigeria. 

They are separate, but Nigerians buy them in pairs. It improves the taste and aroma of most meals.

Spices That Should Be In Every Kitchen

Garlic and ginger

They are also separate spices, but they are always paired together because they go together.

They add flavor to stews, soups, and vegetables. To make a delicious delicacy, garlic and ginger must be included.

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