Stop treating Igboho as a criminal and apologize to him right now, says Soyinka

Stop treating Igboho as a criminal and apologize to him right now, says Soyinka

Following the invasion of Sunday Igboho’s home by Department of State Services officers, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka has begged the Nigerian government to apologize and stop chasing him.

Recall that the DSS raided Igboho’s home in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Thursday, July 1, based on intelligence that he (Sunday Igboho) was stockpiling weaponry to cause mayhem in the region during his Yoruba Nation demonstration on Saturday, July 3 in Lagos’ Ojota neighborhood.

On Monday, the literary star told BBC Pidgin that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government’s conduct during the assault of Igboho’s home “stinks.”

Soyinka advised the federal government on how to proceed, saying, “They should quit chasing Igboho as a criminal because you started by acting criminally against him.”

“I tell you that if and when Igboho is brought to trial, the government will be humiliated.

“I believe they should inform Igboho that “we made a mistake,” “we should not have acted in this manner,” “you are no longer needed,” “go back to your home,” “escort him to his house,” and “let him resume his normal life.”

The illegal operations of Nigerian opponents who “look to be encouraged by the force of the state,” according to Soyinka, spurred Igboho’s quest for freedom.

The Professor, on the other hand, advised that the country be restructured through decentralization of power, claiming that he doesn’t like the sound of a Yoruba nation any more than a Tiv or Igbo nation.

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