Sunday Igboho has Issued A New Eviction Notice To Fulani Herdsmen

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Chief Sunday Adeyemo, alias Igboho, a Yoruba freedom fighter, has issued a new eviction notice to Fulani bandits in the South-West geopolitical zone, threatening to smoke them out of the forests as soon as possible.

This happened on the same day that Yorubaland’s Aare Onakakanfo, Iba Gani Adams, raised the alarm about the long-running killings in the region, imploring the international community to intervene.

Women in Osun State, meantime, organised special prayer sessions to stop insecurity in the state and around the country.

Fulani bandits are being evicted by Igboho.

Mr. Oluyomi Koiki, Igboho’s spokesperson, declared in a viral video interview that he would never make an order without monitoring compliance.

He stated that the topic of Yoruba nation movement is non-negotiable, and that no jupiter can stop it.

“How can six million Fulani people dominate about 250 million other Nigerians?” Adeyemo, who spoke in Yoruba, said.

“Marriage does not happen by accident. We’re not going to be able to live with you any longer. The Yoruba nation is a vehicle of redemption, and I urge every Yoruba to get on board and take a seat.”

He stated that the agitation struggle will not be abandoned. “How can we go back now that we are almost there?” Those who have not yet joined us should do so immediately, as there will be no election in 2023. Yorubas are on their way.”

He, on the other hand, asked the youths not to attack Yoruba elders, particularly traditional rulers, saying, “Please, don’t insult our elders again.”

“I don’t want anyone to make the accusation that our traditional leadership have amassed wealth. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Even if they were given money, they stole a piece of our commonwealth.

“Do not attack the cops or any security personnel. Let’s have our rally in a peaceful manner. If President Buhari does not speak Yoruba, inform him in English that we do not want Fulani bandits to return to our zone.

“I’ve already started working, and I’m going to start searching all of Yoruba land’s forests.

“All Fulani on Yoruba land must leave,” he says. I’ll keep an eye on if the eviction notice is being followed. I never give an order unless I know it will be followed.

“We don’t want to hear about any kidnappings in Yorubaland after Monday. I’ll demonstrate what Yoruba people are made of.

“We’ll tell them there’s a big difference between Yoruba and Fulani people. We will easily collect all of the weapons they are displaying.

“We will blow ‘wind’ throughout all of Yoruba land’s woodlands. If we don’t show them who we are now, they will invade on our territories once we have established our Yoruba nation.

“We’ve arrived in Yoruba territory. It will be OK if the United Kingdom or the United Nations come to our rescue to assist us in making it a reality; if not, we will never back down.

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“Some political cronies may side with politicians for the perks they receive; don’t worry about them; they’re too small to stop us.”

Criminal herders must leave —YCE

Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE)

Dr. Kunle Olajide, Secretary-General of the Yoruba Council of Elders, YCE, backed the eviction notice, saying it was unavoidable, especially for criminal herders who have decided to ruin and wipe out the Yoruba race.

“If the eviction notice is for bandits and criminal herders ravaging our land and ruining our fields, I am completely supportive of it; those are criminals, not lawful citizens, and they should not be living among lawful people,” Olajide stated.

“Even though it is supposed to be the security agents’ obligation because they have failed to work in our best interests, I have no objection to the eviction notice as long as it is for criminals.

Adams wants the United Nations, the African Union, and the United States to intervene in the atrocities in the South West.

Meanwhile, Adams writes: “This is to bring to your attention a clear and present danger threatening the fragile union of our wonderful country, Nigeria,” in a letter headlined “Urgent Need to Stop Killings by Fulani Herdsmen in Yorubaland.”

The Yoruba generalissimo stated that the international community must intervene and solve the matter holistically, noting that the number of famous Yoruba persons murdered by killer herdsmen and their accomplices is growing by the day.

Other organizations and countries that have received the letters include the British Foreign Secretary, European Union, EU member states, and Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, Embassies, including Germany, Canadian, Italian, and Japan.

“Nearly daily, senseless deaths and massacres of Nigerians are cruelly falling toward anarchy’s end.

“The Federal Government’s incapacity or lackadaisical attitude, pitifully as it is, is already exacerbating an already heinous situation.

“While you are already aware of what is going on in Nigeria, the world’s most populous black nation, from diplomatic sources and the media,

I’m writing to inform you that a pogrom-like agenda is progressively being carried out in Yorubaland.

“Yorubaland has been put under severe duress by these conscienceless, unscrupulous, and brutal assassins, who have demanded a ransom in the millions of naira.

“Now, the demand for them to leave our land has reached an alarming pitch, and the Federal Government’s backing (that is, our people’s belief) in continuing to declare that ‘nobody can chase anybody away from any region of the country’ is not helping matters.

“Through invasion of our land, bloodthirsty maniacs are putting the peace, stability, and tranquillity of the Yoruba people in this geographical space known as Nigeria to the test.

“These herdsmen are accused of rape, kidnapping, and murder on a daily basis in our area. The invasion of Igangan, a rural village in Ibarapaland, Oyo State, on June 6, 2021, which resulted in the massacre of scores of citizens by this same band of roving assassins, who prefer to dwell in the forest due to their deadly aim, appears to be the final straw.”

“It may happen soon because all the security establishments are already exhibiting signs of virtual ineffectiveness,” he warned, while urging the international community to help lack the issue.

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“Unless something is done quickly, these attacks will wreak havoc on Western countries’ interests in Nigeria.”

Nigerian governors’ Wives pray against insecurity.

Meanwhile, ladies came to the Government House, where Muslim and Christian clerics prayed for the country’s poverty and instability.

Mrs. Kafayat Oyetola, the governor of Osun State’s wife, said: “The challenge of insecurity has continued to take on various dimensions.”

“They are dimensions that have an impact on every part of our lives. Every Nigerian is concerned about this situation. This is why we (the Nigerian Governors Wives Forum, NGWF) have decided to hold this country-wide prayer program.”

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