Over Cook Rice: What To Do When You Over Cook Jollof Rice

Over Cook Rice

Some Cooking Disaster has No remedy but over cooked jollof rice can be fixed.

When cooking jollof rice, your water and rice must be equal so that it allows steam to play its role in cooking the rice.

However, when you overcook your jollof rice, it won’t be because you added too much water.

When you leave your rice covered immediately after putting it in your cooking appliance. the steam from the pot will play its role by cooking it and this will leave you in a mess.

whatever the reason is, if your jollof rice is over cooked , there’s a remedy.

Firstly, the moment you realize your rice looks soggy, make sure it’s not left in the pot.

 allow it cool down as fast as possible to stop the cooking process. Then you spread it out on a big tray leave it to cool.

If you’re worried that it looks really soggy, then you can place it in a cool place like an open fridge Note: closing the fridge means that condensation will pull on your food, so don’t close it.

Then you can put the cooled-down rice in an oven so that it completely dries out.

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