While watching cartoons, ‘Baba Ijesha’ molested my foster daughter – Princess

While watching cartoons, ‘Baba Ijesha' molested my foster daughter – Princess

Ms Damilola Adekoya alias Princess, a Nigerian actress and comedienne, has told an Ikeja Special Offences Court how Nollywood star Olanrewaju James, also known as Baba Ijesha, allegedly violated her foster daughter.

According to reports, Adekoya revealed the information on Monday while testifying as the first prosecution witness in the defendant’s trial for six charges of defilement.

Her daughter (name withheld) was allegedly defiled while watching cartoons, according to her.

Mrs Olayinka Adeyemi, the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), testified that the defendant defiled the youngster seven years ago in the living room while she was watching cartoons.

Princess told the court that she met Baba Ijesha in 2008 and has been his friend and benefactor ever since.

She claimed that in 2013, she was having difficulties in her marriage and was also dealing with health issues, which prompted the defendant to pay her a visit to express his sympathies.

She said she had left her flat for about seven minutes during his visit to see off a visiting relative, leaving Baba Ijesha with her rather than a seven-year-old daughter who was watching cartoons.

“Seven years later, my daughter told me about what had transpired. When she saw her guest off that day, she claimed, Baba Ijesha asked if she was enjoying her cartoon, and he told her to come play with her.

“When she arrived to where he was seated, he requested her to take down her pant and he took off his trousers,” she added.

” At that time, I inquired as to which Baba Ijesha she was referring to. It’s the same Baba Ijesha, Lanre Omiyinka James, she claims.

“He urged me to sit on him and start wriggling my waist,” she recalled. I kept going until something resembling water splattered all over my body, at which point he instructed me not to tell my mother since it was just like a game, like a cartoon.

“When he heard the gate close, he told her to get up and go to the bathroom to clean herself, and he then cleaned himself with his face towel,” Princess explained.

She also told the court that after the discoveries, she questioned her daughter about why she did not tell her about what had transpired, but that she did not understand what had happened at the time.

Her daughter, on the other hand, stated she finally realized what had occurred to her a few years after the occurrence, according to the witness.

“I assist children who have been sexually assaulted in the Bariga region, and one day I was crying and discussing what had occurred to the child.

“When my daughter overheard me, she assumed that was what had happened to her,” she explained.

Princess claimed that the day following the first incident, when he came to give some fruits to her house, Baba Ijesha assaulted her daughter again.

“He opened the car and told her to bend down and pick up the nylon, and when she went down to pick up the fruits, he placed the car keys into her vagina.”

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“She said she felt pain and jerked, saying, ‘Uncle,’ and he answered, ‘I’ve told you not to tell your mummy anything that occurred.’ “You’re one of my friends,” she stated.

Princess stated that her daughter did not inform her of the second event due to her health and the fact that she had recently undergone surgery.

The case was continued till July 27 for the continuation of the trial by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo.

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