5 Worst Drivers On The Road Of Lagos

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Lagos is the 3rd most stressful city in the whole world that has people spending 30 hours every week in traffic.

If you don’t experience any weird drivers in Lagos, you are the one people hurl insults at and you need to work on yourself.

These Are Types Worst Drivers On The Road Of Lagos

1. The Road king

The Danfo (yellow buses) drivers can be called the king of the road as they are the cause of almost every traffic. They enter whatever lane they feel like and stop whenever they want to, they drive their buses like it is an invisible machine.

You can never find them at a mechanic workshop which means their vehicles can break down anytime and anywhere.

Worst Drivers On The Road

2. The whip carriers

They might be a member of the armed forces 

 but they are not afraid of whipping careless drivers who cross their way.

3. Lost on phones 

these ones are peacefully making a phone call in their vehicle their windows are always wind up without a care in the world.

They don’t care if there’s an emergency or maybe it is not.

Worst Drivers On The Road

4. The learner

To these ones to make a turn is a problem, to reverse their car is a problem, to change lanes is a problem. Before you know they have done a good job of bashing everyone else’s cars.

5. The ones who do weird things on the road

Some drivers mistake the road to their homes.

Others will begin a full negotiation with hawkers in the middle of traffic and use your horns to let you know they will not move until they have gotten what they are negotiating on.

Driving etiquette barely exists in Lagos due to the lifestyle of the residents. 

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